First, if your mind is not active in older years, so they say, dementia is more likely. And I am in my older years. Second, I had dabbled at writing and graphic arts much of my life.Third, I needed to fill my time. For these reasons I drew, did pastel paintings, and wrote. I have never sold any of my art. My intention has never been to publish any of the writing, which has been a major contribution to the betterment of the world.

First I finished a novel, set in rural Two Harbors, which I started in graduate school in 1970. A dozen or so people have read it, to mixed reviews, meaning some readers saw tectonic faults and some were polite. It is based on my childhood, more fiction than biography.

Second I wrote a sequel to the first novel, based on my adult life experiences, highly fictionalized.

Third I wrote a set of 35 stories all set in The Arrowhead, purely fiction, although hopefully true to history and human behavior.

My fiction has little swearing, no overt sex, and little violence. I am more interested in how common people of Northeastern Minnesota have lived their daily lives in joy and tragedy, how the geography of The Arrowhead has shaped them, and how the people have impacted the land.

I named this set of stories Everything Is South of Here. The title is to some extent ironic. Otherwise I will let you decide what the title means. I have rewritten every story many times and edited them more times than I will admit, despite which errors and flaws no doubt abound.

A small number of people, slightly more than one, have asked to read them. This blog is an easy way to share them. I will every week or so post a story–or not. Most of them are short, a few mere sketches. Because some are long, I will post them in parts–or not.