Northeastern Minnesota, called The Arrowhead for its shape, has a relatively short history, if we include only the period of white settlement. However, as everywhere else on the continent, the native peoples, the First Peoples, have been here for a few millennia.

When we are home on The Arrowhead, we think of ourselves as several provinces, such as the The Range, The North Shore, Duluth, The North Woods. However, once we get as far away as the Twin Cities, we recognize our commonality, which to some extent is caused by our feeling of The Arrowhead versus the world.

I spent my childhood and most of my adult working life on The North Shore, but I have traveled much across The Arrowhead, read its history and geology, worked with its people, and been a stay-at-home tourist visiting its attractions, most of then many times.

The Arrowhead has seldom been a setting for fiction. Perhaps I am too bold in trying to write some Arrowhead fiction. But bold, or naive, I will be.