Everything Is South of Here

Tales of the Arrowhead

#25 Horse Liniment and Sawdust

1957, June Werner Fenstad is lost, lost right in the heart of town. Lost. Or maybe the right word is trapped. By which is meant his two worst predicaments: having nothing to do and being among strangers. Can a person... Continue Reading →

#24 Piddling Under the Botids

1957, June She is a feature of the town: a tiny old woman with a bent back and a cane, heavy skirts to her ankles, a faded red and black plaid winter jacket worn all days except summer days warmer... Continue Reading →

#23 Forgiveness Does Come With a Debt

  1989, September 29 It was fortunate that the high window cannot be opened or the occupant of the window seat might just have tumbled out to fall thirty feet to his death. The large oriel window was cantilevered out... Continue Reading →

#22 Everything Is South of Here

1957, August High on a hill, at the top of a sloping meadow, relaxed against a spruce tree, sat a boy. Beside him: three large oatmeal raisin cookies wrapped in waxed paper and a quart canning jar of well water,... Continue Reading →

#21 Overburden: Love Without a Choice

1979, October 14 He Is Poked in the Eye A pointed object poked him in the cheek. He ignored it. Until three and a half weeks ago, Scotty had slept the sleep of the innocent. Last night had been his... Continue Reading →

#20 The Ravens, The Deer, The Dogs, The Man

1958, March The Long Winter had been cold, leaving the Land buried in six feet of granulated Snow with a glaze of Ice on top. The Long Winter added to the economic burden of the Eisenhower Recession, which historians describe... Continue Reading →

#19 Tableau Vivant, Camaraderie Insouciant

1956, November Elenore did not want to be a keeper. By nature she was a trasher, a dumper, a thrower-outer,a get-rid-of-er. Just when she thought the tossing-out had come to an end, she discovered an unexpected storeroom at the back... Continue Reading →

#18 Out of Steam

“Your young men will see visions . . .” Who is to say an apparition will not sneak up on an old man at a vulnerable moment. 2008, June 22, Monday Jon coasted the car to a stop beside the... Continue Reading →

#17 Street Smarts

1951, Tuesday, July 17, 6:45 p.m. The 1936 Chevrolet four door sedan humps and bumps its way to town carrying in the back seat a Berlin Blockade between the two German heritage children, Eddie, age nine, and Lorraine, age eleven.... Continue Reading →

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